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 Install for Apple Desktop or MacBook

It is possible to broadcast using your Apple Mac, however to do so you either need (a) an external mixer and microphone & install our free software; or  (b) use a 3rd party software which has a one time cost of £50
Please select. How will you DJ or present your show on Reach OnAir using an Apple Mac?

About this Option

Select this option if you will DJ or present using any external mixer and microphone connected to your Apple machine. This option means you can use our free Broadcast software to present direct from your Apple Mac. Learn more about external mixers on our Forum.

About this Option

If you will DJ or present using your computer's in-built microphone, or maybe a simple USB headset (or similar) you will need to install a 3rd party software (Audio Hijack). It has a one-time cost of £50. If you cannot afford this, consider using a Windows PC instead for free.

We currently do not have a Video Guide for Apple. Please use the following step by step guide instead.
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