Test Your Audio

You're set up! Now let's do a quick test of your audio. Don't panic this can only be heard by you, so don't worry about your presenting skills. 
If you plan on speaking and playing music on your show it might be best to test both areas here! You can do this test at any time before each show to make sure everything is working well. 
STEP 1 - Do a test Record
Simply hit the • record button (as shown by the arrow) and Audio Hijack will listen to your system (in private). 
Play some music, do some talking, whatever you want. When you're finished, just hit the button again.
Hint: You should be able to see some animated yellow bars moving whenever a system has audio running through it.
STEP 2 - Find the file and listen back
Audio Hijack will save the file to your computer. Click on the 'Recordings' button just under the drag & drop menu.
Click to listen back, and check your music, talking etc has been recorded. If it sounds good here, it will sound good live too!
FAQ -Some common Audio Issues... 
If you scroll down the Audio Hijack drag & drop menu you'll see a range of filters, effects and options to use. We suggest you spend some time playing around, you can do some really cool effects.
But here are three of the most common questions, and how to solve them!
Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 07.07.55.png
"I can hear my voice in my headphones and there's a slight delay, it's really distracting"
Sometimes your computer will have a fraction delay when relaying your microphone input back to your headphones, if this is the case we agree it can really put you off! Click the image on the left to re-organise your panel to see how to solve this.
Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 08.02.54.png
"The computer is broadcasting/recording all noises, including What'sApp beeps and emails being received."
The current setup is created to hear ALL noises on your computer. If you are only playing music from one player (e.g. iTunes) you can change it to just listen to that program. You can include as many programs as you want in different boxes. Click the image to see a simple Microphone + iTunes setup.
Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 07.32.57.png
"When my music is playing I need my microphone to be muted, otherwise I have to stay silent and I can't type either!"
If you've spent ages picking your shows playlist, you do a beautiful intro, you certainly don't want that ruined by talking to someone in your house during a song. During your show keep the microphone box open and flick between ON & OFF in order to mute your microphone. Just don't forget to unmute when you want to talk again!