Issues with Mac OS

If you plan on speaking and playing music on your show it might be best to test both areas here! You can do this test at any time before each show to make sure everything is working well. 
STEP 1 - Do a test Record
Simply hit the • record button (as shown by the arrow) and the Basic Broadcaster will listen to your system (in private). 
Play some music, do some talking, whatever you want. When you're finished, just hit the □ stop icon.
STEP 2 - Find the file and listen back
The Basic Broadcaster will save the file to your computer. The Broadcaster tells you where (see arrow).
Open the file, listen back, and check your music, talking etc has been recorded. If it sounds good here, it will sound good live too!
Great Tip: You can find, open & change the location where it saves recorded files in the "Settings > Record" tab
If you are having issues with the system hearing your audio, you may need to change the settings.
Click on "Settings>Audio" and try some different settings.
Mac User? Some Apple Macs need an extra bit of free software to make it work. Learn more.