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December 2020

The Reach Cup

What is it? 
Ever wanted to play football in front of 80,000 people, but don't want to leave your sofa? Us too! Ever wanted your name to be in the commentary of a major football (soccer) match? Yes?!
Read On! 
Soccer Stadium
Soccer Jump
Be the Player
  • Register and your name gets added to the virtual team sheet for the big match!
  • In mid-December it's Reach Rovers vs United OnAir playing live on Reach OnAir, and you'll be on the team sheet! 
  • Hear the crowd roar and the commentator read your name behind the chants of the fans, Live on the radio. Will you score the winning goal? Or get sent off? Who will be the hero of The Reach Cup - December 2020
  • But I can't play football? All you need to be able to do is fill a short form, that's it. 
  • Do I have to be present on the day of the match? Nope, you can listen live, or use the listen again feature! Up to you! 
  • How does it work? We switch out the names of real footballers on a popular football computer game. We make the computer play the computer, so you're replacing a professional player, and we have a live commentator narrate what's happening, crowd noises a plenty! 
Soccer Stadium


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