SetUp 3rd Party Software

Due to the nature of Apple's operating system, if you are not using an external mixer and microphone, you will need to use 3rd Party software. In this guide we show you how to use AudioHijack. This software is free to download and trial, but in order to use for longer than 20 minutes it requires a one-time fee of £50/$70.
Can't afford to pay? If you cannot afford the cost of the 3rd party software you may instead want to invest into a Mixer and Microphone - if you do you can use our internal free software. Learn how to do this on our Forum. Alternatively if you have access to a Windows PC or laptop it's simple and free to DJ or present without any external equipment - Go Here
There are 3 simple steps to get Auido Hijack Setup:
Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 06.45.04.png
STEP 1 - Download and Install Audio Hijack
Audio Hijack is a 3rd party software made by Rogue Amoeba. We have no control over its contents but we do provide limited support to help you get it setup and working to broadcast via ReachOnAir.
Download and Install the Free Trial Version on the Audio Hijack website - Right Here
STEP 2 - Create a Reach OnAir Session
Audio Hijack is very simple to get working for Reach OnAir - it's drag and drop. In the top menu bar click "Sessions", and then "New Session" in the bottom left corner. 
See the image below; using the menu on the right hand side, drag & drop the items so that it matches the screenshot below.
Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 06.56.18.png
Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 07.00.56.png
STEP 3 - Update Broadcast Settings
Click on the "Broadcast" box in the panel and then "SetUp"
Type: IceCast 2
Server Address:
Port: 8080
User: source
Password: **Your Reach OnAir account password**
Quality: High Quality MP3
Block Title: Reach OnAir Live Show
All done? It's already saved, just click off the screen