SetUp Basic Broadcaster

ReachOnAir's Basic Broadcaster for Windows is free and simple. After a quick, one-time setup before your first show, it's ready for all future shows. Once setup, simply open the software 1-30 minutes before your next show starts, to connect, and broadcast to the world!
There is 1 simple step to get  Setup:
The ONE Step - Add your login details
When the Basic Broadcaster opens you'll be presented with the following dialogue box:
You need to add your login account details. You just need to add the following:
  • IceCast MountPoint: Check your Members Area
    • It is a 5-7 digit number e.g. 123456
  • Password: **Your Reach OnAir Account Password**
Once done, hit Save and that's it!
Screenshot 2020-06-14 at 16.48.49.png
Need Help?! Troubleshoot
 "I closed the box by accident"
No problem, just re-open the program and it will pop back-up. If not, follow the steps below!
 "I entered in the wrong Mountpoint or Password"
No problem, we can re-enter the information manually in 3 quick & simple steps:
Click on Settings
Click on Edit
Enter your Mountpoint and Password