SetUp Basic Broadcaster

ReachOnAir's Basic Broadcaster for Apple is free and simple. After a quick, one-time setup before your first show, it's ready for all future shows. Once setup, simply open the software 1-30 minutes before your next show starts, to connect, and broadcast to the world!
There are 3 simple steps to get  Setup:
Prefer Video? Watch the Video SetUp
Important: If you are not using an external mixer and microphone setup on your Apple Mac this option sadly won't work. Instead you will either need to use a 3rd Party Software (cost £50) or use a Windows PC or Laptop for free
STEP 1 - Download the Latest Configuration FIle
From time to time we'll update the configurations, so we want to make sure you have the latest configuration on your system. The configuration is a small text file you can import into your Basic Broadcaster (next step). Please download it here: 
Troubleshoot: Some systems may have issues adding the configuration file. If so you can manually configure, here!
STEP 2 - Import Configuration
On the Basic Broadcaster, click on Settings and then Import (see images). 
Select the Configuration File you just downloaded and it should automatically update. 
You will now see "Reach OnAir Live Show" as a server. Yay!
STEP 3 - Add Login Details
Finally you need to add your login details. Click on Edit (under the server name) and then update the following two fields: 
  • Password: **Your Reach OnAir Password**
  • IceCast MountPoint: Check your Members Area
    • It is a 5-7 digit number e.g. 123456
Once done, hit Save and you're all done!