Pre-Recorded Shows

The joy of Reach OnAir is the ability to broadcast your very own radio show to the world. Some presenters love to do this live, others prefer to record a show in advance, and then have it played out as a pre-record on the station schedule. 
This page shows you how to create a pre-recorded show: 
STEP 1 - Book your show.
You cannot book a show as a 'pre-recorded show', you can only change a previously booked show to be a pre-record. 
If you need help booking a show, then follow this guide right here.
All done? Now let's make it a pre-record! 
STEP 2 - Upload your Pre-Record
Log into your Members Area, click on the SHOWS tab, and then the PRE-RECORD sub header. 
  • Length of Pre-Record: Depending on the length of your booked show, you'll need to adjust your pre-record to be a certain length. The timings are listed on this page. Remember an hour show is actually slightly shorter than an hour due to the news!
  • Format: The best way to upload a pre-record is in 320 MP3, or 128 MP3 if you have restricted bandwidth. 
  • Upload: Click on the "Choose File" button and find the audio file on your computer! Once Selected, hit UPLOAD and you'll see the progress bar start climbing!
STEP 3 - Assign the Pre-Record to your show!
Finally you need to tell the system which show to assign this pre-record too. Once the file has finished uploading you'll be given an alert box like this (p.s. if you accidentally hit "No", don't panic, we'll show you what to do next). 
Ideally you'll hit "Yes" here.
Then from the drop-down simply select the book show and hit the "REQUEST CHANGE BUTTON"
That's it! Just remember the conversion is a manual process. Whilst we'll try and get to all pre-records in a suitable period of time, we do ask for a 12 hour window to allow us to make sure everything runs smooth! 
EXTRA - Oh no! I hit "No" in Step 3, or didn't get the window!
If you need to convert any booking to a pre-record at any time, Simply follow Steps 1 & 2, then:
Then on the My Shows tab, find your booked show and hit the cog symbol. 
Then on the resulting pop-up, select your show and convert it to to a pre-record! Done! 
Your show is booked! Now get setup!