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Ready to Broadcast

You've booked your show, the big day is here, shortly you'll be broadcasting live to the world on Reach OnAir! 
There's a couple of things to remember to make sure you present the perfect show!
STEP 1 - Open your Broadcast Software and Connect to our servers 
Between 1 - 30 minutes before your show begins, open your broadcast software (e.g. SAM, PlayIt) and connect to our servers.
Don't panic! You can ONLY be heard when your countdown timers hit 00:00 in Step Two. Anything before will not be broadcast.
STEP 2 - Open your Broadcaster Panel
Login to the Reach OnAir's members area. If it's within 30 minutes of your show you will be prompeted to open your Broadcaster Panel.
This popup window tells you all the information you need to know. It counts you down until your show starts/ends, sends you interaction from the audience, and lets you know if you disconnect.
When the timers hit 00:00, broadcast to the world!
Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 13.43.03.png
Some Friendly Tips!
Feel free to play any music you want, we're licensed around the world.
Please keep it family friendly (including song lyrics), we have audiences of all ages.
Talk, play radio games, quickly interview Ed Sheeran... The choice is yours!
But remember 99.9% of our listeners just listen & enjoy without interacting, don't pine for contact. You are there to entertain them, not the other way around!
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