Winter 2020


What is it? 
36 hours of amazing non-stop shows, from 36 different amazing Reach DJs - each broadcasting for 1 hour only. 'Top and Tailed' by the Reach Management. 
Screenshot 2020-10-03 at 18.10.42.png
When is it?
  • The last weekend of November - 28th & 29th 2020
  • STARTS 9am Saturday 28th November
  • ENDS: 9pm Sunday 29th November
Who is it for?
  • Any Reach DJ can reserve a show slot. First come, first served. 
  • Priority to Premium members.
  • Shows can be live or pre-recorded (if you're away that weekend).
  • A place and time for the community to get together as one.
What to expect?
  • A showcase of non-stop music and entertainment from Reach OnAir DJs, broadcasting from around the world.
  • Some fun surprises and announcements from Management! 
  • A friendly time to celebrate the community that is Reach!

Registration is now closed